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These are links and details of companies that  I have used. I have been happy with their products and services and hope you are too. I do not recommend or warrant them in any way.


Brentwood Garden Centre – buildings & landscaping www.thebrentwoodgardencentre.co.uk

Hillcrest Nurseries – great plants www.hillcrestnurseries.co.uk

Garden Expansion Kits – weather proof pictures for the garden  www.gardenexpansionkits.co.uk

Silva Timber – Canadian Red Cedar http://www.silvatimber.co.uk/

Maine Deck – Wood Polymer Composite  www.maine-deck.co.uk

Gatewrights – timber and metal gates www.gatewrights.co.uk

Rawgarden – furniture and fire pits www.rawgarden.co.uk

Garden Pride – furniture and garden accessories www.garden-pride.com

Leaky Pipe – irrigation systems  www.leakypipe.co.uk

Bamboo Supplies – poles and structures  www.ukbamboosupplies.com

The Lawn Society – everything for your lawn www.lawn.co.uk

Collingwood – lighting supplies www.collingwoodlighting.com/

Landscapes Direct – wide range of landscaping supplies www.ld-uk.com

Botany Encyclopedia of plants – useful for looking up plants  www.botany.com

Big Plant Nursery – all kinds of subtropical plants www.bigplantnursery.co.uk

Big Trees – tree suppliers www.bigtrees.co.uk

Royal Horticultural Society  www.rhs.org.uk

Society of Garden Designers www.sgd.org.uk

Wire Fence – Fences, Gabions, Tree protection https://www.wirefence.co.uk/

Consumer Advice, pesticides etc   Safe Roundup Alternatives | Killing Weeds Without Glyphosate (consumernotice.org)