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Water and stone in Brentwood



Just occassionally we get the easy job, the customer wanted to make the existing Indian sandstone patio larger, build a retaining wall that looks like a slate dry stone and have steps and a waterfall go over the top of the wall. I say we got the easy job because this involved digging out tonnes and tonnes of clay and carrying it in buckets through the house which the customer decided that they would do to keep the labour costs down and allow us to do the skilled work. The wall is actually built from concrete blocks and then it is clad in a product called tier to look like slate. The challenge with this build was the waterfall as the customer wanted a small stainless steel pond and didnt want to see the pump so a normal pond pump wouldn’t work as it has to be submerged. After some investigation it was decided to use a steel swimming pool pump as this can lift the water but it needs cooling so it lives behind the wall in a ventilated chamber. It gave us another challenge as it produces pulses in the water it provides so we created a natural looking resovoir at the top using rocks to smooth this effect out.