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Jungle in Burgess Hill



High flying city guy wanted to come home from a hard day and relax in a jungle. The main challenge with this garden was the soil, Burgess Hill is known for blue clay for making bricks, which is awful for jungle planting. We dug out by hand four six yard skips of clay and replaced it with soil suitable for the exotic plants. He wanted a Canadian red cedar deck with blue LED lights. Over the top he wanted a custom canopy that I had made by a boat company with quality stainless steel fittings that will never rust. The canopy had to be adaptable, high enough for dining with the option for lowering for romantic evenings and removable in winter, canopy goes in a bag for storage. Front posts are in sockets sunk into the ground in 1 metre cubed concrete blocks, they lift out and go on a rack in the garage and wooden plugs go into the sockets. The beautiful plants which include bananas and tree ferns are highlighted by spot lights and looked after by bark mulch and an extensive automatic irrigation system. Lastly the lawn was laid on four inches of quality top soil making it the only lawn in the area that didn’t crack horribly in the summer.