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Modern Oriental in Harold Wood



This was an interesting project in a number of ways, the lady from Hong Kong has a degenerative condition affecting her walking which caused her to retire early, she wanted a modern take on an Oriental garden that she could continue to tend and enjoy as her condition worsens. This is a low maintenance garden using self coloured render, artificial grass and composite decking. To help her move around easily the steps are very low rise, all the walls are wide enough to sit on and we lost the left to right slope across the garden.

One additional thing, when I first saw the garden the lawn was ruined even though this was a new build and a number of neighbours were the same. Its an unusual condition but occasionally hundreds of crane flies will all lay their eggs on one lawn. The crane fly lava are called leather jackets and they eat the grass from underneath and birds such as starlings and blackbirds eat the leather jackets, result ruined lawn. Only solution is to take up the lawn plus 3 inches of top soil.